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Cover & Lyrics: The secret to playing Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne”

Last week, I got to see the legendary Steely Dan although I certainly, remorsefully didn’t ever get to see Walter Becker. I wrote about the gig at the River Spirit Casino in Tulsa, too. If you haven’t been to River Spirit for a show, I highly, highly recommend it. Easy find. Easy parking. Awesome staff. ...

One dude’s opinion: Al Jarreau’s 5 Best Songs

With the death of Al Jarreau today, another great has left the planet. There were very few male vocalists ever who could match his talent, and there is nobody in today’s music who can. Nobody. Don’t try. Jarreau knew it, too. I recall watching a YouTube video of a concert he played with Joe Sample ...

“Take Five,” a lesson in digital patience

Learning to play this song, in all its 5/4 time signature glory, is a lesson in patience. You've got to practice it over and over and over and over until you get to where you can just play the notes without messing up. All the hustle in the world won't help you master the precision required to master this tune.