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Lights flickering & dim? You probably have a partial power outage

So, a few nights ago, I get home and my AC won’t turn on. The fan turned on but the HVAC unit proper would not.  Bizarre, but I could survive. It was only 75 degrees inside, and it was projected to get cool that evening. I called the good folks at Norman Heat & Air, ...

Breakfast at Pioneer Woman’s shop, The Mercantile, worth the wait

This weekend, my girlfriend and I took off for north-central Oklahoma and the land of Pawhuska Huskies and bison. Oh, and it's also the home of Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

Travel in Oklahoma: Robbers Cave State Park

It's quiet. It's picturesque. The trees are tall and beautiful, and the running trails are plentiful. The cabins available at Robbers Cave aren't just adequate. They're damned nice, and the bed was even comfortable!