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New view: A quiet but hot run through Buckeye, Arizona

New view. Those two words summarize why my favorite thing to do on vacation or on business trips is to go running. However, it took some new friends to help me understand why I and other runners like me enjoy new locales so much. As part of my spring training trip to Phoenix this year, ...

U.S. Capitol Washington D.C.

Run through Washington, D.C., an aesthetic delight

It’s been a busy month. That’s an understatement. One week was spent in Washington D.C. One week was spent at spring training in Arizona. And one week was spent cursing the Oklahoma wind, histamine and feeling way under the weather back home. I took a lot of photos during my travels and shot my fair ...

Help kids get access to sports shoes, clothes and equipment

The asking price for this advertising is $250, and the money goes right back into the community to help kiddos. You could advertise your business. You could promote your website, your YouTube channel, your new album. You could post a message of your choosing that has nothing to do with a business or enterprise whatsoever.