One dude’s opinion: Al Jarreau’s 5 Best Songs

With the death of Al Jarreau today, another great has left the planet. There were very few male vocalists ever who could match his talent, and there is nobody in today’s music who can. Nobody. Don’t try. Jarreau knew it, too. I recall watching a YouTube video of a concert he played with Joe Sample ...

One Super Bowl commercial stood out above them all

America is polarized, and never was that more clear than during Super Bowl LI. There were spots that made political points, and they mostly struck out with me. That’s the danger of such a spot: You’re going to alienate a big chunk of the populous. Sure, very few would disagree with the premise of Audi’s ...

The Weeknd: A smooth jazz interpretation

Since I re-started posting videos to YouTube late last year on the knowledge that I could once again post cover songs, I’ve been looking for songs to cover. Given that I’m a electronic piano-loving creature of the late 70s and early 80s, finding music from today that could fit my style is tough. Enter a ...

Mary Tyler Moore statue nowhere to be found in Minneapolis

That's right. I'm talking about the famed Mary Tyler Moore statue somewhere in downtown Minneapolis. It's the one where she's tossing her hat into the air, just as she did in the opening credits to her iconic 1970s television series, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

Help kids get access to sports shoes, clothes and equipment

The asking price for this advertising is $250, and the money goes right back into the community to help kiddos. You could advertise your business. You could promote your website, your YouTube channel, your new album. You could post a message of your choosing that has nothing to do with a business or enterprise whatsoever.

Building your personal brand an ongoing, never-ending lesson

Helping public relations professionals build their personal brands. I believe it's the most underdeveloped skill in the marketplace, and I've been passionate about it since my days in TV news. Frankly, it's something I'm still learning how to do properly.

A quick tutorial on playing George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”

In this case, I put together a video how-to for the piano basics of George Michael's classic 1984 tune, "Careless Whisper," with what is arguably the most famous sax lick ever to be written.

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